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 A Year In Review

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Co-Clan Leader Of JSA...
Co-Clan Leader Of JSA...

PostSubject: A Year In Review   Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:47 am

You see on TV alot around this time about the year in review so I figured why not have one for JSA, give the history a little update. So here goes nothing...

Febuary 10, 2009 I joined JSA. Now as the story goes, JSA had just gotten out of a rough patch with the leaders having gone inactive and JSA nearly being destroyed by Devil Wing. When I applied, the person that tried me out was a guy that really showed what JSA was about, N4SIR. He was the one that got me started on engy b/c he told me that "we don't look too fondly on rockets in JSA." It was the days when rocket noob really meant it. In those days, there was no cares, it was all about playing. I met Kaito, X, and one guy I'll never forget, Rimshot. Rimshot and I had the original idea to create a squad but never made it public nor made one b/c he went inactive. I met Darkceeder and Gman and Marka. And many others who names have escaped me due to the time. It was the glory days, we never won scrims or battles but they were glory days just b/c we played for the hell of it, not for the wins. But as in any clan, when you move up, you see more and more of the inner workings and see more and more of the issues. I became a Private and then a Sergeant. My good friend Kaito became a new rank to the day, Battle Master. And he had this fantastic idea, to create a 4 man squad. X approved and thus 02 Squadron was born. With Kaito in charge of it, he chose me, gpa, and ordo to become the testers of this new squad. The trainings had fantastic effects, such as learning to coommunicate and identify where tragets were. And then facing a wall and telling us to take a base, lol. But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. A player called Zuberi was having issue with the admin rules and Kaito was the one inforcing them. Unfortunatly, X wasn't doing towell in handling it along with major issues within the clan. And so, in a major move to try and get X to see the issues, Kaito left. I followed and created MAS b/c I wanted my own clan and it was a way I saw to countinue helping JSA. X went inactive b/c about 4 of us had left. Well he came back and challenged Kaito to an X Challenge. Terms were if Kaito lost, we'd come back and Zuberi would be banned from the server forever. Well Kaito lost, not with much of a disappointment, and we returned. After time, we made ammends with Zuberi and he was let back in the server, and later joined JSA. After a couple of monthes things were good but then X came out with his "Dream Team". This caused many issues b/c X was bringing ppl in who just weren't what JSA was about. They said they were only loyal to X and that we all were below them b/c they had been here before. This quickly ended as many of them left or were kicked out b/c they couldn't fit in.

And now we're here. X is in jail and activity isn't it's greatest but we've come a long way and have accomplished a lot against the odss. We've won 2 scrims but more importantly, we have members who are loyal and are willing to see through the losses and keep representing what JSA is all about, the fun of gaming. People come on all the time surprised JSA is still here, it'll never die b/c of the ppl within it, we're too caring or maybe stuborn to let it go. So, with a new year, may JSA not suffer as it has in the past one, and may we be more successful not in winning, but in playing together and having a good time, winning is only a bonus to being part of a group of such great people. Happy new year gentlemen.
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PostSubject: RE: A Year In Review   Fri Jan 01, 2010 7:40 pm

When i joined the clan towards the beginning of July i was a simple noob myself. I had never played an online game prior to my joining to JSA. I made my application and i was responded to by a fellow named Thunderxyz. Amazing how he changed his name plenty of times over the year. Anyway, I had the entire summer ahead of me to play what i wanted on the PS2 and i chose battlefront2. I joined the clan and had thought of leaving many times as my attention from the clan wasnt very strong. i didnt know many people in the clan, and the main person i did know had left. When i was promoted to Cpl i found that my worries had been, well, a load of bullsh*t. In a daring move, i was offered the rank of General from an opposing party, trying to form his own clan (or guild as he called it XD he was a noob). I kindly turned down the offer saying i already had a clan to be in. The true reason was because he offered me such a high rank. I discovered for myself that rank isnt everything, but it's enough to teach you dicipline. I wouldnt have earned that high rank. And that's when i promised myself if i ever left JSA, it would mean i left the game forever. and if i were to return it would be only to JSA. Since then i have ranked myself up to Staff Sergeant. My goal is to reach either Lieutenant or Captain by next year.
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A Year In Review
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