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 Recruitment Rules [TO BE UPDATED]

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The Original Ninja of JSA
The Original Ninja of JSA

PostSubject: Recruitment Rules [TO BE UPDATED]   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:25 am




The RULES & REGULATIONS for recruitment are simple, please keep to them and keep the tryouts even for every player on file in the appropriate area of the forum. Any player that has been in another Clan will be matriculated based on their RANK attained in the other Clan, and the time spent playing the game. Please see Kaze or .X. for matriculation if your recruit fit into this category. NOTE: {JSA} does not allow DUAL CLAN MEMBERSHIP any other Clan membership is strictly forbidden.

-The Founders

A) All Recruitment shall be done in a 4 person room with 1(one) {JSA} Player of at least Major rank as the leader of the tryout, and the other {JSA} player as the Drill Sergeant opposing the recruit. This keeps the recruit from being bombarded during the tryout.

B) Make sure that the recruit knows how to set his character to "Talk to Everyone" and how to set their mic record volume in Online Options to 3(three) so our channels don't get clogged up with background noise.


1) Do a Bombing run on the "Hard Targets" while one spectates, and the other {JSA} bombs the opposing teams "Hard Points" for a speed gauge. Recruit cannot enter the Command Ship at any time to take out the Mainframe, as we want to see how well they dodge the fire during the bombing run. Count off the Targets as you blow them up.

2) Do the best 3 out of 5 AI shoot, the Test Leader harassing the Recruit, while the Drill Sergent competes against the recruit to the first 3 out of 5 kills. Count off your kills as you get them.

3) Do the best 3 out of 5 {JSA} Player shoot, the Test Leader harassing the recruit, while the Drill Sergent competes against the recruit to the first 3 out of 5 kills. Count off your kills as you get them.


4) Do a Hard Target attack, Tanks & Turrets, etc., while The Leader spectates, and the other {JSA} Player, the Sergent, uses the Tanks to attack. The recruit cannot enter or use the Tanks, Turrets etc., at any time during this test, as we want to see how well they handle Hard Targets, as they can be blown them up with the detpak(s) and/or mines. Count off the Targets as you blow them up, as this should be a best 3 (three) out of 5 (five).

5) Do the best 3 out of 5 AI shoot, the Test Leader harassing the recruit, while the Drill Sergent competes against the Recruit to the first 3 out of 5 kills. Count off your kills as you get them. The Recruit cannot use the SPECIAL CLASSES during this phase of the test.

6) Do the best 3 out of 5 {JSA} Live Player shoot, the Test Leader harassing the Recruit, while the Drill Sergent competes against the Recruit to the first 3 out of 5 kills. Count off your kills as you get them. The recruit should be encouraged to choose ANY Class, including SPECIAL CLASSES, for this Test.

7) Finally, have the Recruit start in his/her Command Post, and have them pick a ship of their choosing, and attack the Command Post with the 2 {JSA} Players defending it. See what Character Class they choose. See if they stick to the task, or if they get side-tracked into fighting the {JSA} Defenders and not focusing on taking the Command Post. {JSA} Members should park Tanks etc.around defensively so it is hard to get to the Command Post. Mining them is a good choice as they can't be gotten in & moved by the Recruite without blowing themselves up.

E) Have the Recruite that has successfully earned 100+ points during the test, go and change their name using the correct squiggily brackets as they come up at the end of alphabatization when you press the circle button and these are the ones that {JSA} uses. Then have them put in their probationary Space or Ground Rank Prefix as such

SPR_ (Space Pilot Recruit)

GSR_ (Ground Soldier Recruit)

They will use this Rank Tag until they finish their 1st week's Probation, when they choose a specific Class to play as.

F) Have the successful recruit Go to the {JSA} Clan Website & Post a REPLY under the "RECRUITMENT ARCHIVE" as well as Applying for a Patrol/Strike-Team depending on their interests, and the proper posting in the COLLOSIUEM section of the website.

G) Have them Go to "" and log in as their identity they log on with the PS2 with, and using the SAME email & password, choose "Update Profile" when logged in. The page will ask for your password 3 times, once at the top right and twice at the bottom left, plus it asks for your name etc. so it can ID you easier, and that's where the Name can be Changed, and the Stats/Buddies stays the same. It is in the box that displays the name that you can access the name itself, as the box is an active box, and not simply displayed. Then they can log on by changing the name on the GameSpy login data page in their PS2, (DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE) and choose "Login" instead of "Create" as you have done this online & not through the PS2. Then they can come back into the room to get your approval for their namechange.

H) If they cannot change their name at, have them simply go to the sign-on page for GameSpy, (it's under the Online Options above the Bandwidth Settings, make it read <Ask EveryTime> instead of <Never> and it will come up when they choose to go online next time from the PS2. They simply change the name at the top of the data page, and then click "Create" instead of "Login" and the new character name will be added to their GameSpy list without losing their Stats/Buddy info. Then they can come back into the room for Rank-Tag approval.

Please don't attack the new players too hard, we don't want to abuse them, and we sure don't want to scare them off, let the beginning of a Recruitment test go slow, then turn up the heat on them later, it takes them by surprise and makes it more like real game play if you harass them in the second half or so of the Test.

If you know that the player is high-up on the ladder board, or if you know that they were high up in a previous Clan. If they are experienced as such, have them contact SCM_KillDozer for matriculation so that they can keep their experience and transfer partial credit for their Rank achieved in the previous Clan.

At the end of your Recruitment, or your week end of Recruitment probation, every Player MUST choose a Patrol for Ground or a Strike-Team in Space, or you CANNOT be considered a fully Registered Member, and will not be able to rank up to any Rank until they have chosen a Patrol/Strike-Team to be on. There will be no exceptions to this ruling, and all current NON REGISTERED Players will be Grandfathered into Patrols/Strike-Teams as soon as possible.

*Note that you must be in the Clan for at least 2 WEEKS before you can participate in a Clan War.

--End Recruitment Rules & Regulations--
These rules/regulations are subject to change without notice. However, in the event of a major changes, an attempt to notify current JSA members will be made.
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Recruitment Rules [TO BE UPDATED]
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