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 Clan Rules & Regulations

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The Original Ninja of JSA
The Original Ninja of JSA

PostSubject: Clan Rules & Regulations   Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:12 am

--Standard Rules & Regulations--
-verbatim from old site (With some spelling/grammar corrections)-

The Rules & Regulations for Clan {JSA} are very simple and straight-forward. Everyone must abide by these Rules & Regulations, as Clan JSA cannot be held accountable for a single player creating a problem that is not within the Clan's direct control. The clan will continue to enforce these Rules & Regulations until such a time when they are updated or improved.

The Rules are split into three categories: Clan Rules and Regulations, Recruitment Rules and Regulations, and Clan War Rules.

Suggestions for any additions/modifications should be made by POSTING to the JSA Suggestions Box. At this time suggestions can only be made by current JSA members.





1) DO register with; and

2) DO sign up for membership at (the Forum).

3) DO NOT use exceedingly abusive, defaming, or profane dialogue.

4) DO adhere to the Rank-Up Archive Requirements.

5) DO NOT abuse ANY authority granted by administration regardless of location. This includes, but is not limited to, the chatbox, the forum, rank, and remote server privileges.

6) DO play fair, and help/fellowship with all other players (including rival clans.


1) Unless involved in a Clan War, or Clan War Practice, Skirmishes, or Documented Skirmishes, DO NOT take the last command posts; instead, wear-down the AI and Players by the Ticket Count; and

2) Set your Head-Set Record Volume down to (3) a level so that your mic switches on only when you talk instead of being on all the time;

3) Place the Mic below your lips and NOT at the corner of your mouth where your nose blows;

4) Maintain your Rank-Up Archive & Requirements Postings for your editable charting that you can update as you do the required points for Rank-Up

These rules/regulations are subject to change without notice. However, in the event of a major change, clan administration will attempt to notify all clan members of the change.
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Clan Rules & Regulations
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